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Szép estét Nektek! Kedves Dalinka, azt Neked kell tudnod!:-)))
Én ezen a héten már befejezem a sorit, egyik részbõl a másikra, olyan izgalmas lett. Nem sokat vacilált a rendezõ.:-))
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Most már csak azt kellene kitalálnom, hogy hányadik résznél hagytam abba.
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Aranyos amikor nevet.:-)) Jól van, ha végig néztem, még kukkantok.
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Forgatási jeletet:-)))
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Nagyon kedves jelenet a soriból.:-))
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Sziasztok! Kedves Dalinka, most tartok a 20-résznél. Nagyon izgalmas, semmi szín alatt ne hagyd ki. Nézd meg ha lesz idõd.:-)))
Sajnálom, hogy a Silla után nem néztem meg.
De most is jó, örülök hogy rátaláltam erre a sorira is. Lee Seo-Jin, nagyon jól alakít benne!
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Nagyon Boldog Új Évet kívánok neked is Babika! :)

A Gye Baek jó, és valóban sok közös "ismerõs" van a Sillából :) Én is félbehagytam, lehet a hosszú téli estéken pótolom :)
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Sziasztok! BUÉK nektek, már régen voltam.:-( Most nézem a Gye Baeket!:-)) Teljes erõ bedobással. A múltkor sajnos abba hagytam, de most tuti hogy befejezem!:-))
Olyan mintha a Silla folytatása lenne.
Olyan sok mindenrõl van benne szó, mint például, Kim Yushin, Csuncsu,Jumong, Buyeo, Baekje,Koguryeo. Õ volt a Sillában, a vörös sisakos.
És nagyon sok az ismerõs színész, most tartok a 13-résznél. Jól van, szép napot Nektek.
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A VOGUE cikk angol fordítása...


“It’s really nice to have someone around you whom you can chat and discuss with happily.” - Lee Seung Gi

“Recently, Seo Jin hyung is a little obsessed with golf, I hope that he can reduce the number of times that he plays golf (laughs).” - Lee Seung Gi

—How did Seo Jin-san feel when Seung Gi visited you at work?
Seo Jin: At the beginning, he said that he wasn’t coming (laughs). Anyway, I’m very thankful and happy (that he came).

—As an actor, Seo Jin is the senior, do you ask him for suggestions and stuff like this?
Seung Gi: If we are talking about acting, then we won’t argue about it. Because these are my dramas, I’m still the one who understands them the most. However, if it’s an opinion based on direct observations, I will listen to them. Take for example, when I was acting in ‘The King 2 Hearts’, in order to appear looking like a soldier, I combed my hair especially straight. When Seo Jin-san saw it, he said, “Your entire face looked like it’s ruined, it’s better not to comb it this way (laughs).”. Although it’s just a trivial matter, but it’s still important isn’t it

In order to help each other become stronger, both of you are embarking on a new stage. Can both of you share with us the things you’re looking forward to? When do both of you plan to get married?

Seung Gi: Of course I feel that there will be a day that I will eventually do this (*Yuling here: It seems like he’s referring that it’s too early to talk about marriage now, thanks to lsgairenint’s help here^^) but it’s too early to talk about it now.

—Seung Gi-san’s latest drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is going to be broadcast in Japan soon.
Seung Gi: I think that ‘The King 2 Hearts’ is a special, new and original drama. It’s very different piece of work from the other Korean dramas that the Japanese viewers have been watching. Although I think that there might be people who like it and people who don’t, but I hope that the viewers can feel that there are still such dramas in Korea. Imagine that in the modern era, there is a “king” who exists in the real society, the Japanese viewers should also be able to look for similar feelings within the drama. Moreover, the acting by the senior actors and actresses are also brilliant.

—Seung Gi has already debuted for 9 years. What is the most memorable thing for you?
Seung Gi: I often will get this question, because there were too many memorable things, so there aren’t any that I can think of immediately. Maybe it’s when I received the ‘Best Newcomer’ award? Although I’m saying this, actually there are many things which happened recently and they often surface in my mind. Although I’m in the middle of a holiday now, because I will watch variety shows and so I will think about the areas which I’m inadequate in, (stuff like) do I appear like I’m very great or perhaps obviously and what if it’s like this or like that…

Or perhaps obviously and what if it’s like this or like that, it might be more meaningful, things like these…when I’m resting, I look back at the past 9 years and I’ve been running continuously….

-Having debuted in Japan for 3 months, you’ve rewritten the record for an overseas singer to perform a live concert in Nippon Budokan.
As a senior, Seo Jin’s evaluation of Seung Gi is “No matter what thing he does, he is very serious and works hard at it” and furthermore, he’s very tolerant in his speech. Seung Gi as a junior, he expressed that Seo Jin is ” I can’t feel the difference in age, he’s an elder brother whom people feel comfortable with”, an innocent thought like this.

Because they have been given a lot, so in return, they wish to give back.

—Both of you have a really good relationship ah.
Seo Jin: When we first knew each other, it was because we were both from the same company. Seung Gi is really super polite, he’s humble and understanding and he’s well-liked by people. I felt that we could become good friends. Therefore, I wanted to give back even more. Anyway, once we start drinking, we will become good friends very quickly (laughs). Furthermore, we had also travelled overseas together. It should be, as compared to friendship, it’s probably already feels more like the presence of a family member.

Seung Gi: When I first saw Seo Jin-san, it was the night before Christmas on a particular year. I was quite free on that day, I felt that I would look quite pathetic if I were to have nothing to do at home. The company president invited me saying this, “Now I’m drinking red wine with Seo Jin-san, would you like to join us?”. Although I wasn’t acquainted with Seo Jin-san, I still went for it. It was my first time meeting (Seo Jin) at that time, however in the following year, the night before Christmas, we were also together. I always feel we will often spend Christmases together in the future.

—Spending Christmas together with a good relationship
Seung Gi: This year’s Christmas…
In the words of sunbae Midae Hyung, Seung Gi is “a hard-worker who works hard at everything”, it shows his appreciation for his hoobae. To Seung Gi, it simply does not feel like there is a big age gap between him and Midae Hyung. When I was looking at the two having fun arm wrestling, I detected the air of royalty that was displayed in Yi San spontaneously flowed from Midae Hyung.

–A very close relationship!
Seo Jin (SJ): I met SeungGi because we are in the same management company, but I became close with him because he is so well-mannered and likeable. I always feel that I want to do something for him. After all, drinking together always makes people better acquainted, doesn’t it? (^^) We have also travelled overseas together. It feels more like we are in a family rather than being just friends.
SG: We first met on a Christmas Eve. I was lazing around at home with nothing to do. Hook and Seo Jin sshi were having red wine. They felt my loneliness and asked if I wanted to join them. Although I did not know him then, I went anyway. That was how it started. We were together on Christmas Eve the following year. And since then, we have always spent Christmas together.

–So, it is a relationship in which you can spend Christmas together.
SG: Actually, I want to spend Christmas separately this year. (^^)
We respect each other’s talent, so we do not want to interfere.

–Seung Gi is an actor as well as a singer. How does Seo Jin feel about that?
SJ: I think he is a good actor. He is good at everything he does. Of course, he is a good singer too.
SG: (^^)
SJ: He sang while we were waiting just now. I was surprised he was that good.

–It was the first time you heard him sing?
SJ: No, I went to his concert. But just now he sang without any equipment or accompaniment. That was not easy.

–How does Seo Jin see Seung Gi?
SJ: Extremely earnest. When I was at his age, I could never have done what he is doing now. But I feel a bit sorry for him. Being so well-known at such a young age takes his freedom away. My school life was very happy and free. I also went to the military, just like everybody else. But would his fame make a difference to that?
SG: Hahaha (^^)

–How does Seung Gi see Seo Jin?
SG: Seo Jin sshi is always ahead of the times. He often tells me things about the world that is different from the world that I know. Of course, they are not bad things. It is more like how a man should see things. For example, in sports, I seldom take advice from other people. But Seo Jin sshi taught me a lot of things. He is a sunbae I can trust and talk to. I feel comfortable with him around.

–Is there anything that needs to be improved?
SG: …..Recently, he has been obsessed with golf. If he could cut down on that, it would be good (^^)
SJ: HaHaHa (burst of laughter). For me…it would be nice if Seung Gi can play more (^^) because he is so earnest.

–Do you have any common hobbies other than sports?
SJ: Alcohol
SG: It’s alcohol (^^)

–Do you discuss you love life?
SJ: I don’t talk to Seung Gi a lot about that. It’s usually him who raises the topic. But it’s only chatting, not really discussing.

–Ideal girl?
SJ: Just like a friend. Someone I can get along comfortably with.
SG: I change my ideal type every time. (^^) Of course, looks matters. But I like someone who can give me strength and is positive and optimistic.

–Once, when Seo Jin was filming the drama Gye Baek, Seung Gi went there for support. You seem to root for each other.
SG: Rather than just sending food or gifts, I felt that going to the shoots would give them even more strength. Shooting a drama is indeed tough work. Although I could not make it easier for them, I wanted to bring them some snacks and give them more power.
SJ: But because of my schedule, I could not make it to the TK2Hs shoots.
SG: Yes. At first he planned to be there but the location was changed. It was too far.

–How did it feel to have Seung Gi showing up at the shoots?
SJ: At first, I didn’t want him to come. But I was very grateful and happy he did.

–As Seo Jin is a sunbae in acting, what advice would you take from him?
SG: We don’t discuss acting much because we ourselves know best about our own drama. But he sometimes gives advice on the styling. For example, when I was shooting TK2Hs, I had a really short haircut to make me look more like a soldier. After Seo Jin saw it, he said my face looked distorted. It was better not to keep the look. Although it was something minor, it was important.

–Any plans for marriage?
SG: It will happen someday. But right now, it is still very far away.
SJ: Well, I guess it is not possible not to get married. But I have no specific plans now.

–TK2Hs is now shown in Japan!
SG: It is a very new type of drama and is different from the Korean drama that Japanese viewers are used to. Some people might like it and others might hate it. But it would be great if people say “Oh, they have dramas like this in Korea!”. Can Japanese viewers accept and identify with the idea that there is still a monarchy in Korea in modern times? And the experienced senior actors in the drama is also a big attraction.

–In the 9 years since Seung Gi debuted, what gave you the deepest impression?
SG: I have heard this question many times. There are too many moments and I can’t think of one immediately. Although I want to say it was the time when I received the Best Newcomer Award but the first thing that comes into mind is something more recent. I am in a hiatus now with variety shows but when I look back, I feel that I am very lacking. I will think: ‘was I trying too hard to be good? Maybe, it is more meaningful to do it this way’. Since I debuted 9 years ago, I have been running along. This is the first break I have to slowly calm down. This is the state I am now in.

–What kind of preparations are you doing in your break?
SG: A lot of things. Not just singing, but also drama and variety shows. I will probably shoot a new drama in the first half of next year. I really like variety shows, so if there is a good show, I will want to take part. My next album will be very different from everything that I have done in the past. I want to sing the songs that I like, something that is peaceful; something that people want to keep listening to.

–You are working on so many things and are still in graduate school?
SG: Now that I’ve started school, I regret a little bit doing some useless things. Am I able to do everything? But I think this is the time for me to contemplate. I feel that I have reached a bottleneck and want to learn more. If I say I have done everything based on intuition so far, from now on, I need to be more systematized. My major is ‘cultural contents”. I can do academic research on the entertainment industry. I am really looking forward to a script-writing course.

–So, you are interested in production?
SG: I have not given it much thought. When I am an actor, I know what the director thinks because he is there but the scriptwriters are not on the shoot, so it helps if I can understand what the scriptwriters are thinking.

–Have you ever thought about what it would be like 10, 20 years from now?
SG: I hope I can still be doing interviews like what I am doing now, filming, appearing on shows and keeping busy with all areas of work.
SJ: I think I will still be acting 10 years from now but I am not sure what will happen in 20 years because 20 years ago, I was still in college and I did not even dream that I would be an actor.

Standing on the stage , as sunbae and hoobae, as partners, and sometimes as rivals but still respecting each other is something we would like to see.

:)) End
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