Téma: Wilfred

PocketDog 2013 júl. 11. - 23:16:44 10/10
Nagyon jó, az egyik legjobb sorozat! Bár én elfogult vagyok, Wilfred olyan mint a kutyám. :)
SouthBronx 2013 jan. 21. - 17:38:23 10/10
If you're going to project your bad impulses onto another sentient being whose very existence depends on said projection, the universe of fiction has plenty of options available to the discriminating protagonist. But if an evil, identical twin with a mustache or slicked-back hair isn't in the cards, you have to take what you can get: a scruffy Brad Pitt type that only you can see, a teddy bear who smokes weed and drinks beer, or, failing those, an Australian man in an inexpensive dog costume.