Téma: Alan Smithee

adamnagysweetmovie 2012 jún. 12. - 14:59:40
"When I refused to take directing credit for the film [Death of a Gunfighter], as did Bob Totten, the Directors' Guild made up a pseudonym for Totten and myself, 'Allen Smithee'. As the picture was well received, I told my young friends who wanted to be directors to change their name to Smithee and take credit for direction of the picture. I don't know if anyone did this. I still think under certain circumstances, they might have cracked the 'magic barrier' and become directors. - Don Siegel, "A Siegel Film"
adamnagysweetmovie 2012 jún. 12. - 14:57:25
"Born in 1967, the same year he directed his first picture, Death of a Gunfighter (1969)"

"his" stage name derives from an anagram of "The Alias Men",

The DGA (Directors' Guild) decided that the name got so much exposure from the film An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn (1997) that it was no longer an effective alias.

It's true that it began being used by directors who did not want their mangled work identified as theirs but writers quickly began to catch on.
adamnagysweetmovie 2012 jún. 12. - 14:42:33 Előzmény fordjee
'Alan Smithee' is a common pseudonym for directors whose film was clearly taken away from her/him and recut heavily against her/his wishes in ways that completely altered the film.
gombusz333 2012 jan. 08. - 20:09:16
Alan Smithee nem létezõ ember!
fordjee 2010 jún. 04. - 12:16:57 Előzmény zs9302
Ezt a filmet láttam, megvettem Tescoban 200ft-ért, de nem ért annyit:)
Amúgy Alan Smithee elvileg Denis Hopper álneve volt, nem?
zs9302 2010 ápr. 24. - 14:05:21
Millagro 2009 márc. 24. - 15:52:32
Íme egy, csak stáblistán létezõ személy.:)