Impro Café Budapest

színpadi játék, angol, 2012.

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The brand new Impro show from the Scallabouche; Hungary?s longest running impro theatre.

Every month you are invited to come into the Impro Café and watch, influence and take part in a day of an imaginary Café life, all squeezed into 75 minutes. This is a special Café where anything can happen, each month the virtual location of the Café changes to a different street of Budapest. You can choose the place, send photos, stories, news items and bring objects. We also will prepare the mood of the Café bringing our own research based on too many hours spent in the Cafés of Budapest.

The show is like a good drink, we provide you the glass but if it?s long, short, sweet sour, fantasy or reality depends on both you and us. You can influence the events that are happening inside the Café and even take part in them. We will show you the private and social lives of the different players in the Café story, the in house band, the workers the guests, the people on the street, the past the future. At the end you go away having taken part in a slice of improvised Budapest life.

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